Yoga Philosophy, Ethics, & Lifestyle

40+ hours

We have developed a unique teacher training program that continuously layers the ancient philosophies of yoga with the physical practice on the mat while also incorporating the realities of today's world.

  Our training experience provides real teaching skills and usable techniques.  These time tested strategies encourage students to become confident in their ability to truly find their own authentic yoga purpose, voice and point of view so their teaching style develops into a welcome reflection of personal perspective, understanding and intention.


We are dedicated to providing an inspiring learning experience that invites students to explore and challenge their personal yoga thoughts, expectations and beliefs in order to become authentic, dynamic teachers.

Techniques, Training, & Practice

100+ Hours

​​​​​Philosophy Meets Practice

Teaching Methodology


Anatomy & Physiology




​​​​A Different Kind of Yoga Teacher Training


The Practical Yoga School Teacher Training Program is part of Ivy & Sage Company, a wellness nonprofit organization.  We believe that socioeconomic standing should not be a barrier to acquiring or providing holistic health and wellness. 

However, many in-person yoga teacher training programs are often so expensive that people who want to learn how to teach yoga, to provide more access to the proven health benefits, to help support themselves or their families, simply cannot afford the high price of most yoga training program tuitions.

In effort to support those who want to help others, The Practical Yoga School was designed to be accessible and affordable.

TPYS Yoga Teacher Training Program, RYS-200
Registered Yoga School & Yoga Teacher Training Program with the Yoga Alliance  


Practical Yoga

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program 

Areas of Study & Practice

Affordable and Accessible